BE LIVE TRAVEL FRIENDS general conditions

Be Live Travel Friends ( is the personalized area for Be Live hotels travel agents. Access to the Be Live Travel Friends program and any operations through the website implies the acceptance of the following terms of use:

-Acceptance of the Be Live Hotels Web page privacy policy

-In order to restrict access to to the confidential information regarding the account of the Be Live Travel Friends program located on, and, in order for this information to be accessed only by or with the consent of its owner, it will require the prior introduction of your personal data, the IATA number of the agency or the agent's personal identification number and a password.

-If the password is forgotten, the company may request that it be forwarded to the e-mail address indicated by the user. To do this you have to enter the website and click on the "Have you forgotten your password?" link provided.

-The user will be responsible for the custody of the chosen password. Be Live hotels will not respond to the consequences of any illegitimate use, by a third party, of the password for the company's access


The Be Live Travel Friends program is based on the execution of transactions by the registered company through its account as a travel agent in
Through the Be Live Travel Friends website, users are offered access to various information about, among others, hotel stays and other tourist services, in addition to offering the option for online bookings of some of the services offered.
To the effect of the above paragraph, the circumstance must be noted that, although the Web site is owned by Be Live hotels, S.L., Spanish Company, the site is ceded to other international companies of the Globalia group including Intertravel Sarl, Inversiones Bavaro S.A., Hotel Canoa S.A., Inversiones la Albufera, S.A.S., Media & Design, S.A. and DPM Sales & Marketing, S.L.U., for the commercialization and sale of hotel rooms under the brand Be Live.


The companies (hereinafter "the user"), identified by their data, that are inscribed into the Be Live Travel Friends system are the beneficiaries of the program.
The owner of the account must be the one making the reservations in order to benefit from the program's exclusive advantages by logging in to the Be Live Travel Friends website.
Any payments for reservations or other related services included in the booking will be made using the credit card entered in the booking process. The card holder must be the agency/agent.
The owner is the only person who can benefit from the exclusive benefits of the program, and will be the person to whom all communications shall be directed to. The persons who accompany the owner in a reservation made by the owner will benefit from all the advantages that this reservation carries.


Each company participating in the Be Live Travel Friends program will be assigned an account where the corresponding booking movements will be reflected, with their respective dates.
1. The account will be considered active as long as the company does not decide to unsubscribe itself from the program.
2. Any account movements or reservations generated by a company may not be transferred to the account of another company.
3. No changes of account holders allowed.


All companies can start to generate reservations as soon as their account becomes active within the program.


1. Be Live hotels reserves the right to modify, in part or in full, the present general conditions, which will be notified to the companies of the Be Live Travel Friends program in the pertaining updates, which will activate the aforementioned modifications.
2. Be Live hotels may terminate the participation of a user in the be Live Travel Friends program with immediate effect, by written notice, when a breach of these general conditions occurs on the part of the user.
3. Be Live hotels reserves the right to modify or cancel in whole or in part and without prior notice the present special conditions, or any other aspect related to the program or the participation of the holders in it, by previously communicating such modifications to its owners.


The following are the general terms and conditions of the Be Live Travel Friends rewards loyalty program, included in the platform.


1. The "Be Live Travel Friends Rewards" program, hereinafter the "program", is the property of Be Live Hotels.
2. The benefits of the program will not be cumulative to those of any other card or program of the participating companies.


3. The members of the program are the natural persons who are retailers registered in the Be Live Travel Friends program, excluding online travel agents. This program will provide you with a user code and a personal password for participation. Each code must be compulsorily associated with an agent and a travel agency. Hereinafter we will call the members of the program "users of the Be Live Travel Friends rewards".
4. The accumulation of points by a user of the Be Live Travel Friends program will be linked to their position in the agency where you work when they subscribed to the program, so in the assumption that the same leaves the agency in which s/he was when s/he was part of the program, s/he must redeem the points that s/he had accumulated until the time of leaving the company , upon written authorization of the director of the agency. In the event that the director of the aforementioned agency denies the authorization, the points shall be cancelled.
5. Be live hotels S.L., as the company that owns the program, reserves the right to withdraw the participation code , cancel the points account and require the responsibilities of the user of the Be Live Travel friends rewards who make misuse or fraudulent use of the program or fail to comply with the rules and procedures contained in these general conditions.


6. The object of the program is the execution of a promotion based on the points obtained by the user of the Be Live Travel friends participant, which can be redeemed for free nights at the Be Live hotels (except Cuba) and other products or services offered by non-hotel partners.
7. Be Live Travel Friends users will accumulate points for every 10 USD sold at any Be Live participating hotel in the program with the date of completion after the September 19, 2017 for agency customers, regardless of the rate to be billed, whether individual or group bookings. Bookings will be scored after the customer's check-out at the hotel. For every 10 USD sold for the agency's clients 1 loyalty point will be awarded. Group bookings are considered as such upon the booking of ten (10) or more rooms per night.
The program reserves the right to vary, without prior notice, the qualifying reservation channels.

Promotions will be made periodically to multiply the points obtained. These promotions are not cumulative. The highest score will be applied.
8. The points will be automatically charged to each Be Live Travel friends user's account, once the hotel confirms the reservation previously issued by that user.
9. The points obtained in the program do not expire.
10. For any claim regarding denied points, the Be Live Travel Friends user must send a copy of the reservation voucher with all the data to There is a 3-month limit from the date of denial to claim the points.


11. Points earned may be redeemed on the following products or services available through
- On free nights at Be Live hotels (except in Cuba), unless otherwise agreed with the participating travel agency.
- On products or services of the non-hotel partners of Be Live Travel friends
- On nominal checks

Prizes will be granted once the Be Live Travel friends users identification has been established, in addition to establishing sufficient balance in their points account.
No one except the Be Live Travel friends registered agent may redeem points.
Any unauthorized use of the points shall constitute an infringement of these terms and conditions.
The Be Live Travel Friends customer should periodically consult the table of points for the purposes of redeeming them for prizes. Be Live hotels and the companies associated with the program reserve the right to modify this table at any time, without prior notice, by duly informing users of the conditions of the product or service on the website
12. Stays with redeeming points in participating Be Live hotels will be based on a double room, in bed and breakfast or all inclusive regime when offered by the hotel. These stays can only be enjoyed by the owner of the account, who can be accompanied by an adult and two children up to 12 years of age depending on the capacity of the room. The confirmation of the stay is subject to availability at the requested hotel. 13. To redeem points for stays it is essential to have the total required points. All bookings with points will be made through our website, subject to availability of the hotels and the reservation conditions published. At the time of redeeming points for stays or any other product offered in the area of loyalty of the platform, the points will be deducted from your account. Reservations confirmed by redeeming points may be cancelled, with a penalty of 100% of the points redeemed. In no case will the point reservations be reimbursed in cash.


14. The program will send a monthly statement with the points obtained. If the statement is not correct, the Be Live Travel friends user will inform the program by providing the required documentation mentioned in point 10.
15. If any of the participating companies in the program should inappropriately refuse to grant points and other benefits to an agent, the responsibility of the program will be limited to the rectification of the error by awarding the points due, as soon as the travel agent reliably proves its right. Neither Be Live Hotels S.L. nor the program are responsible for the acts or omissions of the companies participating in the program be it through their offer of services, or be it in relation to their participation in the program, except for the correction of errors mentioned in this point.
16. Be Live hotels, S.L. and the other participating companies of the program reserve the right to modify at any time, and without prior notice to the agents, points award charts, the present general conditions or any aspect related to the program or to the participation of the agents in the program.
17. Registered agents may terminate their participation in the program at any time by notifying it in writing to Be Live hotels, S.L.
18. The program may also be cancelled at the time that the owners, Be Live hotels, S.L, deem it appropriate, granting the registered travel agents a maximum period of three (3) months to redeem their points. In case of cancellation of the program, and once the deadline has been reached, all the points accumulated by the agents will be automatically cancelled. Be Live hotels, S.L shall in no event be liable for any loss, damage or injury that may be caused to the agent for such cancellation.

Privacy Policy

19. Be Live hotels, S.L. through its website requests from the user certain personal data, which will be incorporated into a personal data file, owned by Be Live hotels, which shall be used accordingly in order to provide the services described within the loyalty program.
The user authorizes be live hotels to include his/her personal data in the respective files, as well as for its use in automatic or non-automatic processes, for the management and registration of the transactions subscribed between the parties.
The personal information collected from registered users is stored in a database that is under the responsibility of Be Live hotels, and which contains the technical, organizational and security measures that guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the information in accordance with the provisions of organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, on the protection of personal data , and in Royal Decree 1720/2007, from December 21st, by which the Regulation of Development of the Organic Law 15/1999 of protection of personal data is approved.
Likewise, in compliance with the provisions of article 22 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, pertaining to the services of the Society of Information and Electronic Commerce information Society and Electronic Commerce (lssice), Be Live hotels communicates to the data owners their intention to send them commercial communications by email or by any other equivalent electronic means of communication.
In the event that Be Live hotels should decide to take any pictures or any other capture of images in any promotional event organized by be live hotels with the participants of the loyalty program, these will be the exclusive property of Be Live hotels and they will retain any rights on them. The participant of the loyalty program and its companions expressly authorize the transfer of their image and of any rights that may correspond to them by reason of the photographs made, to be live hotels, for free and indefinitely, for their dissemination through the means it considers most adequate, for promotional and/or advertising purposes, both directly and through authorized third parties
The consent provided by the data communication holder can be revoked at any time, without retroactive effects.
Be Live Hotels uses cookies when the user browses the website Cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and his/her computer, and do not provide references that allow to deduce the name and surnames of the user. Thanks to cookies, Be Live hotels can recognize registered users after they have registered for the first time, without having to re-register them on each visit in order for the user to be able to access the areas and services reserved exclusively for them. The user has the option to prevent the generation of cookies, by selecting the corresponding option of your browser program.
The User guarantees that the Personal Data provided to Be Live Hotels is truthful, and user is responsible for communicating to Be Live Hotels any changes thereto. Be Live Hotels provides users with the technical resources to previously access this Privacy Policy notice or any other relevant information and can give their consent so that Be Live Hotels can proceed to the automated processing of their Personal Data, in accordance with the provisions of this document.
Any Registered User may, at any time, exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their personal data provided to Be Live Hotels, S.L. By written communication addressed to LOPD. Globalia Corporation. Polígono Son Noguera. Carretera Arenal, Llucmajor, Km 21.5. C.P. 07620. Llucmajor. Balearic Islands. Spain. This communication may also be made by sending an email to the address 20. Participation in the program as a whole automatically involves the personal and direct intervention of the Be Live Travel Friends user in the promotions published on the web. The points attainment by the user and the awarding of any bonuses or incentives offered through Be Live Travel Friends program will allow the program, unless the beneficiary expresses their non-acceptance or their refusal to the bonuses or incentives obtained, to carry out the publication in both our winner's lists and in any promotional materials of the name, personal and professional data as well as their image and / or voice, in order to publicize the awarding of prizes within the private area of the program and in the Newsletters for registered agents. For such purposes, it will be understood that the beneficiary agent consents to the processing of any personal data collected by the program for the aforementioned purposes, subject to both the privacy and data protection policy inserted in condition 19, and to the regulations that Application. Given the promotional nature of the granting of the bonus or the incentive obtained, the lack of consent to the processing of personal data to these effects will mean the user's resignation to any benefits obtained. The Be Live Travel Friends user who has been awarded a bonus or incentive and wishes to refuse it must expressly communicate this through an email to